✏️Preparing artwork can be a complex task. To avoid error, extra cost and delay, we have prepared a comprehensive checklist to assist you in preparing your artwork successfully.✏️


▢Only CMYK colour mode is used in your artwork

▢CMYK not more than 240%

▢For Super Black, please use C40 M30 Y30 and K100 and Normal Black please use K100

▢No colour tints that contain less than 10%



▢​All images are in CMYK colour mode

▢Colour / Grayscale images resolution are set to or above 300dpi

▢​Scanned Line Art / Black & white images resolution are set to or above 1200dpi

▢Never manipulate images in vector software*

▢All background, design effects, and images has been merged and converted to a TIFF file


▢​No fonts of less than 4pts

▢​Layout Program* : Curve / Create Outline / Path all fonts

▢​Adobe Photoshop : Set resolution at or 300dpi and Rasterize Type



▢​No hairline less than 0.25pts

Product Size Template                    

▢​Artwork is prepared in the correct PRODUCT SIZE TEMPLATES Background design expanded to Full Bleed size

▢​Vital elements are within Safe Zone

▢​No crop marks are applied                    

▢​Removed all guidelines and text descriptions in PRODUCT SIZE TEMPLATES


PDF File Format                    

▢​Artwork is saved in required file format : Adobe Acrobat Document 4 – version 1.3 (*.pdf)

▢​Resolution: 300dpi

▢​Colour mode: CMYK colour mode



▢​All pages are placed in the correct sequence you want them to be

▢​Artwork File is arrange according to our specification and published to a PDF file.

▢​Dummy is in JPEG file format and arranged according to our specification. Add all of your JPEG files into a ZIP file.

▢​Other than hyphen (-) and underscore(_), your filename does not include any other marks or symbols

▢​No overprint setting is used