[yith_wc_productslider id=”2387″ z_index=””] Booklet Printing Guide
  1. Booklet should save as single page format
  2. Booklet cover and back cover must saved in single file with join page
  3. All text in solid black or grey must fill in only black percentage. The chances of print out running out of the text are high if you fill in 4 colour black for you text.
  4. For customer who ordered booklet printing, we will only your given files without refer to your mock up.
  5. We are not responsible for any misplacement, picture blur, spellings or typo error on customer’s artwork. We will follow 100% exactly the files given by the customer
  6. The total CMYK colour ink coverage should not exceed 250%. Customer should take responsibility if the printing sett-off problem occur due to the ink coverage exceeded 250%
  7. In order for your project to have the best quantity we can offer, all pages should be at a high resolution. Your images should be at least 300dpi and a maximum of 600dpi and you should be safe.
  8. Printing presses require CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) colouring. If your images are in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) mode, the printed result will appear muddy and flat. To avoid this, convert all images to CMYK. Simply select “Image Mode CMYK Colour” in Adobe Photoshop
  9. For booklet with perfect bind, please take not that the text and pictures should retain 10mm from the book center position. Otherwise the related content will be covered after binding.
  10. Booklet with more than 8pp can do saddle stitch binding. However the additional number of pages must be in multiples of 4pp.
  11. Booklet with more than 32pp can do perfect binding. However the additional number of pages must be in multiples of 4pp.

*We will not be responsible for any dissatisfaction on printing quantity that cause by the incomplete process from the above mentioned.