1. Experience in Offset Printing of four colours and more .
  2. At least 3 years experience in KBA RAPIDA , MANROLAND 700 or HEIDELBERG SPEED MASTER offset printing machines
  3. Knowledge of set , operation and minor maintenance of a variety of offset presses.
  4. Ability is required to operate and perform minor repairs and adjustments to offset presses.
  5. Completion of secondary school ( SPM or O Level )
  6. Good Command of English in verbal and written and slight singlish.
    1. We need to send you for training and training are conducted in english, later you catch no ball so must have Good command of English lah.
  7. Willing to work in Tuas.
  1. Review job orders to determine job specifications such as production time , colour sequence , quantities required and advise press crew of these specifications
  2. Mount plates and make necessary adjustments
  3. Fill ink fountains and take measurements , make adjustments and determine settings to control colour.
  4. Set up press and check OK samples for ink coverage , paper position , alignment , specific registration and colour density.
    1. Pull sheets to check for printing imperfections.
    2. Make quick corrections to avoid expensive losses of paper and ink .
  5. Monitor regular press runs for quality and colour consistency using computer control console and make adjustments as required.
  6. Remove and clean plates and cylinders at the end of press run
  7. Direct activities of press crew and ensure that safety procedures are adhered to .
  8. Maintains an inventory of materials or supplies on hand
  9. May apply packing sheets to blanket cylinder to build up blanket thickness to diameter of plate cylinder.
  10. Account for time and work completed via online computer data collection system .
  11. Perform Preventive Maintenance . Oil and clean presses.

Why join Grabprinting?

  1. Grabprinting is unlike traditional printer as we are a e commerce company
  2. Join us for 2 years and we will review and allocate shares of our company so you can be a part of this wonderful company

All our co founders used to work in companies where they also tell you we are a family, what’s the point of staying loyal in these company where you own 0 shares and the management of these companies say we are a family?

We want every employee to be our partner and own a share in the organization and it’s future.

If you think you have what it takes, please email your resume to Sam@grabprinting.com