Computer forms


Delivery before/on (04/06/2021) provided artwork is right size and right format.

Material Number of forms per box
1 ply 80gsm Woodfree white 2000
2 ply NCR white (All white Paper) 1000
3 ply NCR white (All white Paper) 500
4ply NCR white (All white Paper) 500
5ply NCR white (All white Paper) 400
6ply NCR white (All white Paper) 300
7ply NCR white (All white Paper) 250


Computer forms printing

  • 10% if colour is 3 colour or less.
  • Size is 24cm x 29cm (9.5″ x 11″)
  • Delivery Inclusive (+$20 for sentosa delivery)
  • Design Not inclusive. Artworks have to be 300dpi at least
  • 1 Side or 2 Side (back page only 1 colour)
  • Full colour. 10% discount if 3 colours or less
  • All white paper only
computer forms Computer forms Computer forms computerformprintingsingapore

computer forms

Please make sure the art work you submitting are :

  • In CMYK colour mode
  • CMYK < 250%
  • Not contains any Pantone Colour / RGB colour
  • ALL text created out line / converted to curve
  • ALL link file embed
  • The PDF file format meet Grabprinting require (*if you are uploading PDF file)
  • Artwork’s resolution image(s) > 350pdi
  • Similar colour more than 10%
  • Colour tints (toning) more than 10%
  • Design must include bleeding
  • The order setting are correct
  • Transparency / Complex effects are flatten
  • Please remove all the guide lines and guides
  • Black must be K100 and CMY=0
  • Wordings must be 6mm from all edges to avoid wording trim away