Custom Money Packet Printing (Pearl Paper)


✅✅✅Express Print will receive by (01/11/2022)
✅Normal Production will receive by (07/11/2022)

*Embossing will take 3 more working days

➡️After 1pm, consider as next working day order

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✅Sample pack can be purchase in this link

For Money Packet ready design templates (More than 150 designs to choose from)
1. Go to this link –
2. Scroll down and click on ready designed templates (For 130gsm Gloss Art Paper)
3. If you need the design for texture paper 120gsm or Artcard money packet, you can always use Adobe illustrator to move the designs to the individual templates.

Money packet printing (Pearl Paper)

Delivery included

  1. Portrait (16.5x9cm)
  2. Portrait (6x8cm)
  3. Portrait (8x12cm)
  4. Landscape (16.5x8cm)
  5. Landscape (8x12cm)
  6. Landscape (20.6x11cm)


  1. Red Pearl Paper 250gsm
  2. Red Pearl Paper 150gsm
  3. Red Wine Artcard 250gsm
  4. Red Linen Paper 150gsm
  5. Red Milky River Pearl Paper 250gsm
  6. Dark Red Artcard 250gsm
  7. Golden Pearl Paper 250gsm
  8. Sliver White Pearl Paper 250gsm
  9. Golden Copper Pearl Paper 250gsm
  10. Blue Milky River Pearl Paper 250gsm
  11. Coffee Artcard 250gsm
  12. Pink Pearl Paper 250gsm
  13. Rice Gold Pearl Paper 250gsm
  14. Dark Green Pearl Paper 250gsm
  15. Bright Purple Pearl Paper 250gsm
  16. Powder Blue Pearl Paper 250gsm
  17. White Gold Pearl Paper 250gsm
  18. Ice White Pearl Paper 250gsm
  19. Sky Blue Pearl Paper 250gsm
  20. Black Milky River Pearl Paper 250gsm
  21. Dark Blue Artcard 250gsm

Finishing (Compulsory)

  • Die Cut
  • Fold
  • Glue
  • Pack in OPP (5 in 1 pack)
  • Hot stamping pressure may leave a stamping mark on the back of money packets, is not responsible and buyer should notice this risk
  • Folding pressure may cause slight paper cracks along the folding line. These cracks will look more noticeable on solid colours.
  • Quantity may have 5% plus / minus as we QC bad cutting/print away. is not responsible and the buyer should notice this risk.
  • In any case, if there is any shortfall, we will do a reprint and delivery between 10-15 working days.

Hot stamping and Embossing

  1. Please use and download our Money Packet (Pearl Paper) Templates
  2. Content must be 6mm from all edges
  3. Content must be fill in K100 only
  4. Content must be draw from scratch. Vector image only.
  5. Artwork is saved in required file format : Adobe illustrator CS6 version and PDF – 2 files (Click to view video on how to save AI file in CS6 version)

*If there is embossing, 2 sets of files are needed. 1 set for hot stamping and 1 set for embossing.

Portrait 6x8cm

Portrait 8x12cm

Portrait 16.5x9cm

Landscape 16.5x8cm

Landscape 18x11cm

Landscape 20.6x11cm

Sample Artwork by other customer (Landscape 18x11cm)


Q: What is the min order for money packet?
A: The min order is 50 pieces per design pack in 5 pieces per pack.

Q: Can i request 10 per pack instead of 5?
A: Yes. Extra charges apply. Please email to

Q: Can i do my own custom size other than the models Grabprinting offers?
A: Yes we do. Kindly please fill the quotation form and attached your artwork.

Q: Can i have 2 or more different designs for 1250 piece(625pieces for each design)?
A: No. For all our products, it is per design per quantity. If you require 2 different designs, you need to order 2 sets. It applies to all the products.

Q: Can you do embossing for money packet?
A: Yes we do. Kindly please fill the quotation form and attached your artwork.

Q: Can i change the material?
A: Yes we do. Kindly please fill the quotation form and attached your artwork.

Q: Do you do sample print?
A: No. Grabprinting does not provide sample print. If you need to touch and feel the materials, you can purchase our money packet sample pack in this link.


Q: Do you have ready designed templates?
A: Yes. Please follow the below instructions;

  1. Go to
  2. Open the file you are interested in adobe illustrator and move it to the template in this product link

Q: How to remove ready designed money packet guideline as it is in PDF?
A:The PDF is not a locked pdf.Customer only required to delete the guideline in your design software by click on it and get delete button. Please check this youtube video

Q: Can i create a design for money packet from scratch?
A: Yes. You can. The product is meant to design from scratch. Just download the template in the product under artwork guide.

Q: Can i print other colour than red for money packet printing?
A: The paper is white in colour for Artcard 200gsm. We print whatever colour or design you ordered.

Q: Can i send you a logo and you add in for me?
A: No. We do not provide designing or editing services. Please download the money packet templates or ready designed templates and edit.

If you do need designing assistance, you can engage a local free lance graphic designer from this link;

Q: For the ready design templates, can i send you a logo and Grabprinting just add the logo in for me?
A: No. Many people mistaken ready designed money packets as ready made money packets.
*Please take note these designs are not ready printed money packets and we just stamp your logo.

You need to download the ready designed template and add in the logo and we print from scratch.