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✅✅✅Express Print MP101 & MP103 will receive by (02/02/2018)
✅✅✅Express Print MP 104 will receive by (06/02/2018)
✅Normal Production MP101 & MP103 will receive by (07/02/2018)
✅Normal Production MP104 will receive by (08/02/2018)

➡️Hotstamping add 3 more working days
➡️After 1pm, consider as next working day order

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✅Ready designs available in the below description
✅Sample pack can be purchase in this link


 Custom Print Money Packet

Type: Portrait and Landscape 
Material: Gloss Art Paper 130gsm
Print: Full Colour (4c+0c) / 1 Side Print
Packing: 5 pieces per Pack
Finishing (Compulsory): Die Cut, Folding and pack into 5 a pack included.
Finishing (Optional): Hot Stamping (Gold/Sliver/Red/Blue/Green/Black)
🚚Delivery included


  • Hot stamping pressure may leave a stamping mark on the back of money packets, is not responsible and buyer should notice this risk
  • Folding pressure may cause slight paper cracks along the folding line. These cracks will looks more noticeable on sold colours.

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*International Shipping available.

Custom Print Money Packet can be print as ang bao, ang pow, sample raya, green packet or purple packet. It can be print as any colour or design you want.

Price List

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Normal ProductionExpress PrintHot stamping
MP 101MP 103MP 104MP 101MP 103MP 1041side2side

Please use and download our Money Packets Templates

Only CMYK colour mode is used in your artwork
CMYK not more than 240%
For Super Black, please use C40 M30 Y30 and K100 and Normal Black please use K100
No colour tints that contain less than 10%
At least 10% of difference for tint/toning effect.

All images are in CMYK colour mode
Colour / Grayscale images resolution are set to or above 300dpi
Scanned Line Art / Black & white images resolution are set to or above 1200dpi
Never manipulate images in vector software*
All background, design effects, and images has been merged and converted to a TIFF file

​No fonts of less than 4pts
Layout Program* : Curve / Create Outline / Path all fonts
​Adobe Photoshop : Set resolution at or 300dpi and Rasterize Type

Artwork with folding/crease line
For products with folding or crease line, folding or crease line may have a difference of 1-3mm. Please make sure your content is 4mm away fold line or crease line.

▢​No hairline less than 0.25pts

​✅Product Size Template    
Artwork is prepared in the correct PRODUCT SIZE TEMPLATES Background design expanded to Full Bleed size
​Vital elements are within Safe Zone
​No crop marks are applied
​Removed all guidelines and text descriptions in PRODUCT SIZE TEMPLATES

PDF File Format
Artwork is saved in required file format : Adobe Acrobat Document 4 – version 1.3 (*.pdf)
​Resolution: 300dpi
​Colour mode: CMYK colour mode

​All pages are placed in the correct sequence you want them to be
​Artwork File is arrange according to our specification and published to a PDF file.
​Dummy is in JPEG file format and arranged according to our specification. Add all of your JPEG files into a ZIP file.
​Other than hyphen (-) and underscore(_), your filename does not include any other marks or symbols
​No overprint setting is used


  1. For MP 101, in your artwork, for the gluing side (right edge), please allow a minimum of 5mm bleed from the Trim Line to avoid the appearance of a ‘white line’ after folding / gluing as shown below in Diagram 1.
  2. For MP 103, in your artwork, for the gluing side (left and right edge), please allow a minimum of 5mm bleed from the Trim Line to avoid the appearance of a ‘white line’ after folding / gluing as shown below in Diagram 1.
  3. It is strongly advisable to use the same background colour for front panel, back panel or slit flap to avoid colour contrast after folding.
  4. If your design contains different background colour for front panel, back panel or slit flap, you are REQUIRED to allow 1mm bleed.
  5. The outcome is shown below in Diagram 2. Hence, Member shall notice this risk and Grabprinting shall not be held responsible for the visibility of the colour variance between the panels of the money packet.


  1. Important Image/Text to be hot-stamped must be within Hot-Stamping Safe Zone.
  2. Stamping pressure may leave a stamping mark on the back of money packets. Hence, customers shall notice this risk and Grabprinting shall not be held responsible for the stamping mark on the back.
  3. 5. Hot stampingis allowed to full bleed untill edges except gluing part. However, tolerance for hot stamping is ±1.5mm. It have tendency of artwork appear to other panel. Hence, it is advice important item is within safe zone.
  4. 5mm from all sides of the front page ;
  5. 5mm from all sides of the back page except
    1. MP 101 & MP 104:Top 20mm;Bottom 15mm
    2. MP 103 :Top 36mm

How to Prepare Money Packet Artwork with Hotstamping

Additional information

Dimensions154 x 79.5 mm

7 reviews for Custom Print Money Packet

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Nice packaging. Hope there is be promo soon. Got the actual product a lot faster than the estimated date.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    3rd order. This time for hari raya. Quantity is still good.

  3. Grace

    We need only 500 red packets, it is possible?

    • Grabprinting Admin

      Hi. For customise money packet printing, the min is 1250.

  4. Grace

    Hi. Can i print 5 different design for 1250?

    • Grabprinting Admin

      Sorry it is 1250min order for EACH design

  5. Chaca

    Hi. Can we provide only the front design of the money packet without the template?

    • Grabprinting Admin


      You need to use our template as it is suited for our printing machine and cutting.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bakar (verified owner)

    Ordered my own customised design for Raya Money Packet. Good delivered as promised and quality assured. Will certainly back with more orders. Unfortunately, missing 3 packets from the total amount and they immediate contacted me and mailed the said missing amount. Great support was given after sales service. Keep it up!!!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Clement Ong

    Packaging is nice. Like the ready designs which make it easy to design.

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