NCR Bill Book


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NCR stand for No Carbon Required.

this is a special type of paper that is the modern day replacement to the old fashioned and messy blue carbon paper that was used to make duplicates, usually found in invoice and order pads.

NCR bill book Specification;

?Delivery included
?Serial number from 4 digit to 7 digit included
✅1 set of numbering included (Numbering in Red colour)
✅Include serial number from 4 digit to 7 digit
✅Perforation line (0.5 inch width) (Tearing Line) is included
✅50sets per book/pad
Material: 53gsm paper
Colour: 1 to 4 colours. 4 colours is not full colour printing

  • 4×8″ (196x107mm)
  • 8×9″ (222x196mm)
  • A5 (222x146mm)
  • A4 (298x222mm)

✅Paper colour :(Standard)

  • 2 ply: Top White/Bottom Pink
  • 3 ply: Top White/Middle Pink/Bottom Yellow
  • 4 ply: Top White/Middle Pink/Middle Yellow/Bottom Blue
  • 5 ply: Top White/Middle Pink/Middle Yellow/Middle Blue/Bottom Green

Artwork File Check List for NCR bill book

Preparing artwork can be a complex task. To avoid error, extra cost and delay, we have prepared a comprehensive checklist to assist you in preparing your artwork successfully.

Artwork is prepared in the correct NCR bill book template.
Indicate starting numbering position in RED
Using the right number of colour (If you choose 1 colour black, everything has to be black)
Content must be 4-6mm away from perforation line and all edges

4×8″ (196x107mm)

8×9″ (222x196mm)

A5 (222x146mm)

A4 (298x222mm)

Q: Can Grabprinting do 25 or 100 sheets per pad instead of 50sheets per pad?
A: Yes we can. Kindly fill in our NCR quotation form in the quotation tab.

Q: Is 4c equals to full colour?
A: Unlike offset or digital print, 4C in NCR bill book is not full colour and is 4 different colours. If you required full colour bill book printing, kindly fill in our NCR quotation form in the quotation tab.

Q: Can i have different size instead of the 4 sizes which Grabprinting offers?
A: All the sizes available are in our quotation form.

Q: Can i have more than 1 serial number?
A: Yes you can. Kindly fill in our NCR quotation form in the quotation tab.

Q: Can you do hole punching?
A: Yes it will be $2/book

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