FAQCategory: QuestionsCan i request for sample paper material before printing?
Jamie Lim asked 3 months ago

Can i request for sample paper material before printing?

1 Answers
Grabprinting Admin Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Jamie,

Just to share with you that we used to do postal mail to customer for free however many customers abuse it by giving false address, claiming forever never receive and the list goes on and on.

There is 3 ways to get sample materials provided we have extra copies

  1. You can purchase our paper type reference book which is most paper material we have and you can keep the book for a long time
  2. You can purchase any product and we will attached it along together provided we have extra copies, just state clearly in the remark section on which product sample you are looking at during the checkout page before you make payment
  3. We will charge $0.90 for postal mail if the above 2 are not an option you are looking at.
    • However we will give you a coupon code of $0.90 for your next purchase of min $50/- which strike off the previous $0.90 you have paid

​​►Please email to us [email protected] if you are looking at option 3