Where to hire graphic designer in Singapore?

➡️Ever since the start of Grabprinting.com, many customers have been emailing us everyday that they do not know where to hire graphic designers or where to employ graphic designers.

  1. We have gathered a list of local graphic designers who are either Singaporean ?? or Singapore PR
    1. ⚠️These designers do not work for Grabprinting and Grabprinting is not liable for any losses occured by the customers
    2. ⚠️Customers are advise to contact them and discuss all requirements and payments with them.
    3. Any graphic designer/company who are keen to list their contact, you can go to the below link and leave your name and email so we can get in touch with you.
    4. Link: https://www.grabprinting.com/graphic-designers-singapore/
  2. You can also get designer at 5USD from fiverr.com, however please take note of the following;
    1. Most designers are not from Singapore in fiverr.com and the timing when they are working is different from us
    2. Graphic Designers from fiverr.com can only be communicate thru the website / app. If you are running on time, you might find it hard to work with them.

➡️1 most common reply from customers when comes to hiring Local Graphic Designers.


It is NOT❗

One of the designers on our Graphic Designers page did some simple editing at $6 only.

➡️If you want the designers to give you a good rate, do take note of the following;

  1. You must know what you want!
    1. Provide designer with a sample or draw out a sample
  2. You must have all the images (Images must be at least 300dpi)
    1. If designer does not have to do images or graphics for you, they save a lot of time
  3. You must have all contents ready
    1. Provide designer with all the contents and layouts which make their work easier

✏️Graphic Designer are also trying to do business, if you don’t have any logos, images and you do not know what you want.

✏️Graphic Designer have to spend a lot of time thinking for you then of course they charge you more.

✏️Graphic Designer are humans too.



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