How was founded?

Our founders are mostly in IT and distribution industry prior to printing and have huge passion in e-commerce.

Finding printing prices was very difficult as almost every company we needed to email in and get quotation. Prices are high because designing is included, sales person, retail shop and many more. Where we merely just wanted a print only price.

We visualise a pure printing company, transparent pricing and easy to order just like when you shop in Taobao, Lazada or Qoo10. View product and prices, upload artwork, make payment and receive.

We have also facilitate the starting of many design and print business.

Our founders have preached this e commerce printing idea to at least 15 printing companies in Singapore and all rejected.

Common reasons for rejection;

  1. It won’t work in Singapore
  2. Who will print with you guys if you don’t provide design
  3. Stupid Idea (Yes! We have been called stupid for having this idea)

We launched our printing plant starting with only flyers and name cards. It slowly expand to booklet, stickers, large format printing and etc

Our prices includes 2 things only;

  1. Printing
  2. Delivery

We eliminated all other costs off to bring the most competitive offset printing prices to you.

online printing vs local printing about us About Us 1006 Printing 600x300 Blog is an online printer hence our cost is low. We print everything except money and if you have any product in mind and it is not on our product list, drop us an email and we will give you a quote.

If you are looking for the below services, we are sorry that we do not provide

  • Artwork – We are a print only company
  • Sample of printing products before ordering – As our prices are low, we are sorry that we are unable to provide such services. You can always print low quantity to test before ordering bigger quantity.
  • Salesperson – We do not have salesperson to do offline sales, all orders must be online
  • Quality – Printing quality is according to standards and it is included in our terms and conditions. If you are looking for every single piece of material or colour to be of your standard, we will have to apologise first.


Mailing Address: Bukit Panjang Post Office, Number 232, Singapore 916808