Mini Paper Bowls Printing


  • Express Print will receive by (07/05/2024)
  • Normal Production will receive by (17/05/2024)
  • After 1pm consider as next working day order

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Mini Paper Bowls specification

*Suitable for ice cream shops, desserts shops, cafe and any f&b related restaurants or events.


Q: Can I print different design in a single quantity?
A: No. One design per quantity.

Q: Will you send us a mock up?
A: No. We print whatever you artwork is.

Q: Do you provide sample print before mass production?
A: We don’t not provide sample print. If you do need sample, you can order the lowest quantity.

Q: Do you provide designing or artwork services?
A: No we do not. If you require designing or artwork services, you can engage a designer from this link –

Artwork File Check List for Mini Paper Bowls

Preparing artwork can be a complex task. To avoid error, extra cost and delay, we have prepared a comprehensive checklist to assist you in preparing your artwork successfully.

✅ [object object] Mini Paper Bowls Printing 2705Template

  • Please use the correct template under the template tab

✅ [object object] Mini Paper Bowls Printing 2705Colour

✅ [object object] Mini Paper Bowls Printing 2705Line

  • No hairline less than 0.25pts

✅ [object object] Mini Paper Bowls Printing 2705Images

✅ [object object] Mini Paper Bowls Printing 2705Text

  • ​No fonts of less than 4pts
  • Curve / Create Outline / Path all fonts

✅ [object object] Mini Paper Bowls Printing 2705Artwork

  • The artwork is prepared in the correct Chopstick sleeves template
  • Background design expanded to Full Bleed size
  • ​Vital elements are within Safe Zone
  • No crop marks are applied

✅ [object object] Mini Paper Bowls Printing 2705Design

  • All images have been exported /converted: Background, design effects, photos, images to TIFF files (not including text/vector images)
  • ​Never manipulate images in layout program resolution: 300 dpi
  • Colour mode: CMYK colour mode

✅ [object object] Mini Paper Bowls Printing 2705File (2 files)

  • Adobe Illustrator – CS6 version only
  • PDF ver 1.3only