Commonly Asked Questions

General Questions

How do i get max discount from Grabprinting?

  1. Join our Privilege plan to enjoy up to 15% discount
  2. Give us review after every purchase and you will get 3% credit to your account funds

Do both and you will get 18% on all orders.

How do i order?

  1. Select the options carefully in the product
  2. Upload your artwork
  3. Make payment

When will i receive my items?

Delivery dates are clearly stated in each product.

Order after 1pm consider as next working day order.

We will email you the delivery once your artwork has been confirm.

Please follow our Artwork Check List to avoid print delay

Can i get a quotation from Grabprinting?

As we are a e commerce company, all the prices are available online and can be order anytime.

If the item is not available, kindly fill in the quotation form and our production will get back to you.

Can i get a quote over the phone call or live chat?

We do not provide quote over live chat or phone call to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.

Kindly fill in the quotation form and our production will get back to you.

Is there self collect option available?

No. Below are the 2 main reasons

  1. Our production is located at Tuas south. 

  2. Hiring an extra admin cost $1,800 (Let’s put an example)

    • Most products includes delivery except name cards printingbanners and small items printing.
    • On average only 30 requesting self collect
    • If $1800/30=$60. Meaning customer have to pay $60 more for the product compare to $6-$30 for delivery or registered mail. 
    • Will it be fair for customer to pay for extra money for items that has delivery?


Is delivery included?

Yes. Delivery is included.

How do i track my order?

Will the courier call me before coming over?

Express print, we will arrange courier and driver will SMS/Whatsapp you before going over.

Normal production, we normally uses Singpost and they do not provide calling services.

Grabprinting has sent me Singpost tracking code but Item status not found in the system

Many customers have feedback on this issues. Please help us to feedback to Singpost on this issue as well.

We will send you the image of the parcel. Kindly contact Singpost at 1605 as we have send out the item to them.

Does Grabprinting guarantee punctual delivery of my items?

We cannot guarantee you 100% punctuality due to factors such as Acts of God, national emergencies and the efficiency of the courier service company. 

Can you send the item to my customers?

We can. Please state in the remark when you check out ‘For my customer‘ and we will not put any item with Grabprinting wording or logo.


Do you charge GST?

We do not charge GST at the moment.

Do you do cash on delivery, credit terms or COD ?

We do not do cash on delivery, credit terms, Gebiz or E-invoicing

What are the payment options?

We accept all credits cards or pre load amount to account funds.

*Join our Privilege plan to enjoy up to 15% discount

Will i get an invoice after i have made payment?

All invoices are sent to your email in PDF format

How do i report a billing error?

Kindly email to [email protected] along with your order number and the remarks


Does Grabprinting provide artwork proof checking services?

No. You have to confirm the final artwork before sending it to us for printing.

Will Grabprinting check my artwork before printing.

All artwork issues are 100% machine prompt to ensure you have a good print product. There are issues which we can proceed if you are willing to accept the risk and some cannot as the final prints will be bad.

We based on international printing standard.

We do not just print and not inform you of the risk or outcome which we can anticipate.

It is our commitment to inform you of all possible outcomes.

Please make sure you follow our Artwork Check List to avoid print delay.

Does Grabprinting provide designing services?

We do not provide designing services. We are a print only company.

Will Grabprinting help to edit my artwork after i have ordered?

We do not provide editing services. Please make sure you follow our Artwork Check List to avoid print delay.

I do not know how to design or know any designers. How?

You can look for a designer in this link;

What software to use for designing artwork?

Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Please follow our Artwork Check List to avoid print delay

What is the file format that Grabprinting accept?

Only PDF.


Does Grabprinting do sample print before ordering?

Sorry we do not provide such services

Will colour match 100% to the original colour of my artwork?

No. It is a known fact within the printing industry that 100% process colour accuracy is not presently possible with the current print technology. Therefore, even if a printing company were to employ highly experienced personnel including the latest press technology, the outcome of colour of the printed product will always differ from the original artwork. The level of difference however is subject from printing company to printing company..

Other factors that may cause colour deviation:
i) Paper Stock –
The quality of paper, its surface and brightness can affect exact outcome of printing colours.
ii) Humidity Levels –
damp weather can cause saturation of ink colours.
iii) Make of Press Machines –
different press machines produce different colour results.
iv) Monitor Displays and Colour Settings –
unmatching calibration of monitor colour or colour settings (RGB, CMYK) can misrepresent final colour of output.

Can i print anything i want?

Yes you can, as long as what you are printing does not conflict with Singapore’s printing and publication law.

Grabprinting will not print jobs that contain offensive literature or images. This includes information that are politically, religiously or racially sensitive.

Grabprinting will not be responsible for any infringement of artwork content.

What is 'Gang Run' Printing and its advantage?

Also known as “batch printing”, this method which is applicable to litho-offset (conventional) printing is a cost-effective and efficient way to produce all kinds of loose sheet printed documents.

“Gang-run” printing is basically grouping customers” orders for a similar product or requirement into 1 print run.

By doing this, we are able to provide you with professional full colour printing at a fraction of the cost.

Your short-run jobs become more affordable as the initial production cost is now shared by various customers.

Do you do pantone printing?

Yes we do. Kindly please fill in the quotation form and state the pantone code clearly so our production can advise accordingly