Orders by some of our Regular Customer-August 2016 | Grabprinting.com

Orders by some of our Regular Customer – August 2016 | Grabprinting.com

Grabprinting Grabprinting Orders by some of our Regular Customer-August 2016 | Grabprinting.com Thank You Cards Printing 300x214


Customer Product
1 Rezt and Relax Booklet Printing
2 flyingideas.com.sg Name Card Printing
3 Oceanwash.com.sg Flyer Printing
4 Propnex.com Flyer Printing
5 hiapchuan.com Outdoor Removable Sticker
Name Card Printing
6 Venture International Properties Pte Ltd Flyer Printing

There has been some ups and down as customers are requesting to edit artwork. Grabprinting is a online printer where we only print and we do not have in house designers.

By reducing our in house designers cost, we have cut product cost by 60% as most customers have learned how to do designing from Google or Youtube

Nevertheless if you require, you can go to our free lance designer page and engage a designer on your own 🙂


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